Sing a Song

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Do you ever sing out loud? In public? Last week I came across three different people who were singing a song. Out loud. And every time it made me smile.

(It also triggered the memory of a classic from Sesame Street called “Sing a Song”. It’s super 1970’s, and tell me if you don’t end up singing the la, la’s part in your head the rest of the day after hearing it.)

I think about the vibe that we bring with us into public spaces


Counselling and the Brain – There’s a Connection (Part I)

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Everywhere I turn these days I keep running into information in the realm of brain science, including something called brain plasticity or neuroplasticity. The whole thing sounds nerdy, I admit.

If words like “prefrontal cortex” cause you to break into a cold sweat then relax, and let me give you a couple of highlights from this area that you might find interesting. So how DO counselling and brain science connect


Grieving the Loss of a Pet

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It was a sad day recently when my parents had to take their cat to the vet to be euthanized. Sweetie was 19 years old (that’s 92 in human years according to this chart) and had truly lived up to her name. She had a sweet, gentle nature and was very devoted to my parents.

This reminds me that grieving the loss of a pet is a process


A Mental Health Appointment

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Recently I found a whole bunch of little appointment stickers in the middle of the calendar hanging in my kitchen. Yay, stickers! Apparently I’ve been missing out on reminding myself of appointments for the doctor, chiropractor, dentist, and physiotherapist, not to mention appointments for an oil change, insurance renewal, servicing my boat, noting when fishing season starts, and when the pest control company is coming. (OK, so maybe I can’t make use of ALL the stickers.)

I couldn’t help but notice that


Navigating Life with Gremlins and Disorderly Ducks

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I’m in the midst of reading “Taming Your Gremlin: A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way”, by Rick Carson. To be honest I would recommend the book just based on the gremlin illustrations in it by Novle Rogers, they are brilliant! And really, who doesn’t love a book with some pictures?

In the section I was just reading Carson says, “Your gremlin would have you believe that you will be content and satisfied when you get your ducks in a row,