Sing a Song

Posted on: June 11th, 2013 by susie No Comments

Do you ever sing out loud? In public? Last week I came across three different people who were singing a song. Out loud. And every time it made me smile.

(It also triggered the memory of a classic fromĀ Sesame Street called “Sing a Song. It’s super 1970’s, and tell me if you don’t end up singing the la, la’s part in your head the rest of the day after hearing it.)

I think about the vibe that we bring with us into public spaces, and whether it’s a fairly positive energy or otherwise. The singers – positive without a doubt, notwithstanding the fact that singing aloud in public will draw some interesting looks from people. The three would-be performers seemed content and comfortable enough with themselves to just sing it out. They seemed relaxed even.

It’s all too easy to notice the sad, stressed, angry, impatient behaviour that happens all the time in public. But then there’s a lot of positive energy out there too.

For me those people made the day seem just a little lighter. Especially coming to and from my counselling office, where there’s the weight of the issues that I’ve been working on with clients. It was a reminder to me to smile.

And then what about ways that I can be a little lighter and more positive in public? I can say hi to the person on the elevator instead of pretending they’re not there. I can make eye contact and speak kindly to the person that’s at the check out in the store, rather than being on autopilot. I can hold the door open for people and smile at them.

So I’m quite certain I’m not going to start belting out a tune as I walk down the street, but I’m sure glad there are people who do that, who have taken the Sesame Street song lyrics to heart, “Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, sing, sing a song”.

Here’s to bringing some positive energy to the day, in whatever form that takes.



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