Susie Merz MC, RCC

Counselling in Vancouver for

Depression, Anxiety,

Addictions Issues

Coping with Stress and Major Life Transitions


It takes courage to ask for help and seek out a counsellor, so I commend you for taking this important step. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Vancouver offering skilled, compassionate counselling and therapy in a variety of areas.

My desire to provide compassionate, practical counselling services is at the heart of my practice, Pyxis Counselling Services. As I explain here, the meaning of “Pyxis” (pronounced “pik-sis”) represents the focus for my work as a counsellor, which is to help you navigate life.

There are many issues that can be brought to counselling or therapy; here are some examples of the areas that I work in:

There is a word picture hanging in my home that gives the definition of peace. Part of it says “Freedom from disquieting feelings and thoughts: serenity.” Although life presents challenges of all kinds, I am committed to working with you toward gaining a sense of peace, both inwardly, and in the outward circumstances of your life.

Benefits of Counselling

Obviously as a counsellor I fully believe in the value and benefit of the counselling process. There is something both profound and powerful about being listened to, understood, and guided through a process of change. Here are some examples of the benefits of counselling that you can experience:

  • Learn practical skills to cope with depression or anxiety
  • Develop daily coping techniques to manage your stress level through difficult life events such as a job change, the loss of a relationship, mid life transitions
  • Tune into and use the wisdom of your physical body and the mind body connection to improve your emotional and mental health
  • Take steps to gain control of addictive behavior such as alcohol or drug use, problem gambling, and compulsive shopping
  • Feel a sense of self-acceptance
  • Strengthen connections in your relationships

Leaving A Religion

Are you experiencing a loss of faith or a spiritual crisis? Are you making a transition out of a church or religion and feeling alone or confused?

It can be difficult to know where to turn and where it is safe to share these thoughts. I offer counselling for those who are in this challenging situation, whether you are in a position of questioning the spiritual or religious beliefs you have always held, or have fully left behind a fundamental religion.

No matter where you are at in this process, or what religion or faith system you may be a part of, my aim is to provide a safe, non-judgemental place to help you with the unique struggles that you may be experiencing, such as:

  • Concerns about what it means to have doubts about your faith
  • Continuing to relate with family or close friends who are still religious
  • Dealing with the loss of a community
  • Healing from guilt, shame or perfectionism
  • Expressing a healthy sexuality or coming to terms with sexual orientation
  • Developing a new framework for life outside of your former religion
  • Discovering a true and healthy identity and self-worth