Counselling Services Offered in Vancouver

Individual Counselling

In individual counselling I meet with you on your own for a one hour session in order to provide counselling or therapy. The focus for our time is on the area or areas of concern for you in your life, and together we set goals for working toward change.

Couples Counselling

In couples counselling I meet with both of you as a couple (opposite sex, same sex, common-law, married, dating, etc.) in order to provide couples therapy for a one hour session, or a 75 minute session as needed.

The focus for the counselling is on the concerns in the relationship. At the same time there is opportunity to work with each of you separately depending on the issues in the relationship and how these are impacted by your individual patterns of behavior or communication.

Approach to Therapy

As you can imagine, there is no one-size-fits-all method of doing therapy. The approach I use in therapy is one that is client directed, in the sense that I adjust what I’m doing based on how you are doing and the feedback you give me about what is or is not working.

I draw on several counselling theories and therapeutic methods to make sure that I am finding what works best for YOU, not what worked best for the person before you with similar concerns but a very different personality and circumstances.

The theories and methods that I use in therapy include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Solution-focused Therapy, and Family Systems Theory. I also use EMDR when needed.

Fees for Counselling Services:

The fee structure for counselling sessions is as follows:

  • Individual session – 1 hour – $140.00
  • Couples session – 1 hour – $165.00
  • Couples session – 75 minutes – $190.00

GST at 5% will be added onto the session fees. Payment for counselling sessions can be made at the beginning or end of the session by cheque, cash, or credit card.

Payment can also be made in advance of the session by an Interac e-transfer.

A receipt will be issued to you at the time of the session.

Extended health benefits may cover counselling sessions provided by a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Check with your plan administrator to see if counselling can be covered by your benefit plan.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling or rescheduling a session with less than 24 hours notice will result in being charged at 50% of the session fee. This policy helps to ensure that if changes need to be made to your session time or if you are unable to attend, with appropriate notice I am able to offer that time to another client.